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Top Reasons to Join Choir

  • You get to be loud. Always feel like you're being shushed by teachers and adults? In choir, you're actually encouraged to make noise.
  • Friendship. More than 42 million Americans sing in choruses, so you're sure to make some new buddies.
  • See the world! Many choirs go on tours to exciting and faraway places.
  • Begin the path to stardom. Mega-celebs Beyonce and Justin Timberlake started their careers singing in school and church choirs.
  • Bring home A's. Research shows that students who sing in choruses get better grades than students who don't.
  • No schlepping. Singing does not require carrying around heavy instruments or gym bags. All you need is your fab voice.
  • Bragging rights. Not everyone can say they've been in the spotlight, but you'll be able to because singing in a choir gives you the opportunity to be front and center, baby!

6th Grade Students

  • Pizza Parties
  • Ice Cream Parties
  • Talent Show
  • 6th Grade Solo Contest
  • Sandy Lake Funfest
  • The Ice at Stonebriar
  • Private Voice lessons available during class

7th and 8th Grade Students

  • Pizza Parties
  • Ice Cream Parties
  • Talent Show
  • Solo and Ensemble Contest
  • Holiday in the Park (Six Flags)
  • The Ice at Stonebriar
  • Sandy Lake Funfest
  • UIL
  • All-Region Choir
  • Private Voice lessons available in class

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to know how to sing or read music?
Not at all! The purpose of choir is to help you LEARN how to sing and how to read music. These are things we practice every day.

  • Does it cost money to be in choir?
There are some costs, but they are very small. We do fundraising to pay for most of our activities.

  • Are there performances outside of school?
We have many performances outside of school. Our concerts will typically be in the Maus Cafetorium and at Heritage High School. We also travel outside of the district to festivals and competitions.

  • I already sing in the shower, why should I join choir?
Singing in choir can give you benefits that solo "shower" singing cannot. In choir you will learn how to sing in harmony and how to work together with your friends to make beautiful sounds.

  • How do I sign up?
Mark choir as your number one choice when you register for classes. We will take it from there! Sign up with a friend and have twice as much fun!

  • How often will I go to my elective choice?
Choir will meet everyday, during the day, just like math, science, and history...